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Arompatherapy Bottle In the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Rae Friedman is working to preserve the ancient and magical art of glass beadmaking. Using handmade glass beads, Rae designs and creates distinctive jewelry. She also shares her passion for glass beadmaking with others through individual and group instruction. Rae’s flair with color and texture are apparent in her beads and jewelry. In her studio, Rae uses a propane and oxygen torch to heat the tip of a glass rod, then twirls the red-hot glass onto a specially coated stainless steel mandrel. After a glass core has been formed, the bead can be further decorated with glass stringers and manipulated to form beautiful patterns. Finally the bead is annealed (heated) to relieve stress and prevent cracking. Once this complex process is complete, the beads are ready to be incorporated into unique works of art. Rae operates one of the first glass beadmaking studios in Texas and hopes to inspire and increase the growing community of jewelry and glass beadmakers.
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