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“Welcome to the Republic of Texas standoff, now go away!”



The self-appointed “ambassador” from the Republic of Texas, Rick McLaren, declared “war” on the United States of America and took two “prisoners” on April 27, 1997. This was in response to the arrest of one of his members the day before.

This began the nine-day standoff between McLaren’s splinter group, numerous police agencies and the media.

During coverage, members of the media unofficially renamed our little community Uplink City. It is estimated the population hovered around 225, give or take a couple of runners.

Steve Copin, our photographer, was able to capture some of McLaren’s rantings and ravings on a scanner. Those are available from the links to the right.

As a side note, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. McLaren and his followers for all the overtime. It was “hard earned” and well spent.

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Mayday link - 128K Wave File

McLaren’s mayday call.

(mayday.wav - 128K)

More wave files and how we got them.

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The People

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Break Time

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Southwestern Bell to the Rescue

Large press conference

A medium sized gathering of the press at a ceremony the Texas Department of Public Safety loosely referred to as briefing. We called it a press conference, presser, lunch interruption or other things it would be best not to quote here.

Panoramic view of uplink trucks and other vehicles.

A panoramic view of Uplink City, population 225.

A small two man tent

The mobile news room of the El Paso Times

Lots of television news equipment

A couple hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment awaits the next press conference.

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Sunrise over Ft. Davis

Sunrise over the Fort Davis Mountains.

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